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About us

Invented in 1999, the Vidbag is the innovative tool for farmers wishing to empty their BigBag cleanly or partially. Winner of the 1999 Innov’space award, the Vidbag has already won over more than 100,000 users.

VB-TRADE was created in 2014, to develop a product range initiated by its founder in 1998.

In 2014, the Fillsilobag quickly and easily fills all silobags, designed to replace tires in silage silos for greater respect for the environment, and was awarded the Innov’space 2014 prize.

In 2015, the Vidbag is made of monolythic plastic, making it lighter, more economical and fully food-contact.

2016 sees the arrival of the Cône-R bag for Bigbag chutes.

In 2017, the Fillcorn was born, facilitating product transfer in small seed drills. 2017 saw the launch of MODULOBAG, a real revolution in the discharge of mineral products for animal feed.

In 2022, the latest addition to the Vidbag range, Vidbag Jumbo, will enable faster emptying of fertilizers and products that are less free-flowing or have a larger particle size, such as pebbles.


Our products



Big bag partial discharging.

Cône-R Bag

Cône-R Bag

Partially or totally discharge your big bags.

Fill corn

Fill Corn

The ideal accessory for the Vidbag or Cône-R bag

Fill silobag

Fill silobag

Your solution to fill silo bags.

Modulobag® double


Versatile and universal emptying table for Big Bag.

Kit dérouleur

Unwinder kit

Unwinding your silage canvas sheet, without any effort.

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